ABFHiB - Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia

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    The Treasury of ABFHiB is responsible for receiving payments of the Association, such as the payment of annuities and payment for the acquisition of publications. To purchase copies of the journal Philosophy and History of Biology, consult this page. To pay annuity, read carefully the instruction below.

    The value of annuity of ABFHiB is R$ 60,00 (sixty Reais).

   To know about the number of annuitis you have to pay, consult the Treasurer of ABFHiB, through the e-mail We recall that, in accordance with the bylaws of ABFHiB, "The non-payment of contributions for more than two years may lead to exclude a member by decision of the Board".

    The membership annual payment can be done using a credit card, by PayPal. Click one ob the buttons below, to make your payment:

2016 membership payment

2017 membership payment

    Members may alternatively make their payment via deposit or bank transfer (or else by mail) and then send an e-mail to the Treasury of ABFHiB informing about the payment made.

   The payment can be made through bank deposit in the current account of ABFHiB:

            Associação Brasileira de Filosofia e História da Biologia (ABFHiB)

Santander (number 033), Brunch 0250, Account number 13-002482-1

Bank transfer may require the CNPJ of ABFHiB, that is: 09.391.039/0001-51

  Keep the bank receipt and send it to the Treasurer of ABFHiB,, with:

(1) Your full name.

(2) Value of the annuity paid and corresponding years.

(3) Mode of payment, attaching a copy of the receipt. 

    You will receive confirmation of payment and the receipt of ABFHiB by e-mail.